From Albatross :

"Elizabeth Murphy & the Albatross" from Albatross, released 2/25/14

"You'll Never Work in This Town Again" from Albatross, released 2/25/14

Live Tour Performances:

Video trailers for the 2012 release of Anthems:

Anthems Trailer #4 - "Typewriter"

Anthems Trailer #1 - "Oh Lily"

Anthems Trailer #3 - "The Rest of My Life"

Anthems Trailer #2 - "Understudy"

From Beneath a Balcony :


Dir. Roham Rahmanian.

From Welcome to the Danger Show :


Dir. Marc M. Cogman

"This Won't Last"

Dir. Marc M. Cogman


Dir. Ian Spohr

"Run Like Hell"

Dir. Marc M Cogman

"Incurable Blues"

Dir. Amza Moglan

"I Can't Fix It"

Dir. James Cheeks III