Kick It For Kenya - Charity Show

A quick note to promote a charity event I'm playing this Friday night, June 4th in West Hollywood.  A good friend of mine took a trip to Kenya that changed her life.  By the time she'd returned, she'd started a great organization for girls in one of the many AIDS orphanages.  There's more info on the Tour page.  It's a short set, but it'll be my last in Los Angeles for awhile.  If you're available, come on down!

Summer Tour - Dates Announced

I'm pleased to announce my Summer 2010 Tour Dates. I'll see you out there:

6/11/10 - Atascadero, CA - Last Stage West

6/12/10 - San Francisco, CA - Velo Rouge Cafe

6/13/10 - San Francisco, CA - San Francisco Free Folk Festival

6/20/10 - Las Vegas, NV - Blue Martini Lounge

6/22/10 - Denver, CO - Paris on the Platte

6/23/10 - Omaha, NE - McFoster's Natural Kind Cafe

6/24/10 - Overland Park, KS - Intentions

6/25/10 - Palos Heights, IL - Trio Bar

6/27/10 - Chicago, IL - 3rd Coast Cafe

6/29/10 - Des Moines, IA - People's On Court

7/01/10 - Chicago, IL - Social 25

7/02/10 - Chicago, IL - Pony Bar

7/03/10 - Traverse City, MI - Streeter's

7/04/10 - Lake George, IL - Georgio's

7/06/10 - Oklahoma City, OK - Dan O'Brien's Public House

7/07/10 - Albuquerque, NM - Hallenbrick Brewery

7/08/10 - Scottsdale, AZ - Chaser's

7/09/10 - Phoenix, AZ - Fiddler's Dream

7/10/10 - El Paso, TX - The Percolator

7/12/10 - San Marcos, TX - Wake the Dead Coffeehouse

7/13/10 - Austin, TX - Headhunters

7/14/10 - Katy, TX - Dunn Bros. Coffee

7/15/10 - Shreveport, LA - Fatty Arbuckle's

7/16/10 - Shreveport, LA - Strange Brew

7/18/10 - New Orleans, LA - Circle Bar

7/19/10 - Ft. Worth, TX - The Aardvark

7/20/10 - Dallas, TX - Absinthe Lounge

7/21/10 - Norman, OK - Othello's

7/22/10 - Albuquerque, NM - Hallenbrick Brewery

7/23/10 - Cave Creek, AZ - Horny Toad

7/24/10 - San Diego, CA - Park Gallery

8/01/10 - Santa Monica, CA - The Trip

On the Green (Sometimes Grey) Northwest

...and up the coast we went.  Myself behind the wheel, flying down the interstate towards the great adventure.  Ben De La Cour sat shotgun, finger-picking an acoustic guitar across his lap.  In the back, rolling film and sound, the Mad Romanian Loose Shutter and the Papoose Moose of Jersey.  Together we rumbled into San Francisco.

Our first night we slept in the car in the Haight after drinks in an upstairs watering hole.  Ben swore he saw the ghosts of the 60's, long skirts swishing down on the sidewalk.  We had beautiful sunshine the next day, digging the green of Golden Gate park.  Down on Arguello we played our songs and met lots of good folks.  Then further north we traveled.

In Oregon the skies turned grey and cold.  We bunked in Bend and then kicked around Portland, my orphaned home away from home.  My old professor-cum editor-cum pen pal Martello invited us in, gave us hot coffee and a warm couch, and we reminisced about ten years gone.  In the shadow of snowy Mt. Hood we played again in a little roadhouse along route 27.  

Then it was Seattle and the wind and the rain.  I reconnected with old friends and met new ones, and in the early morning we bid goodbye to the Papoose Moose, called home on a big jetliner to the Garden State.  Now just three, we headed south again.

In a big old house in Berkley we caught our breath, played Oakland and San Francisco and snaked toward the rocky coast.  The waves crashed loud through the rocks at Big Sur, and along the highway, Loose Shutter, our Mad Romanian pointed his lens skyward and caught the wide wings of California Condors, swooping down along the cliffs.

We ate barbeque in Atascadero and hit the stage for the last time, songs familiar beneath our fingers.  Finally home again, I slept and slept.  It was easter sunday, and I was grateful.

Here in Venice I appreciate the sunshine and the twelve month spring.  Papoose Moose came back to town.  He and the Mad Romanian Loose Shutter showed us the film - beautiful panoramas of the great Northwest.  And before long the palaver begun, how to extend the adventure, how to heat it up and make it burn even longer.

In July, we four will climb back in the wagon and this time head south and west.  There won't be any snow or wind or cold, just sunlight and heat and dust.  We'll run through the desert, through Texas, down as for as the swamps of New Orleans and then cut north, find route 66 and head west again.  

Here in Venice I appreciate the sunshine and the twelve month spring and the turquoise waves lapping.  But I'd be lying if I said I wasn't already jonesing for the long straight road east.  We'll be there soon.

In the meantime there's music to be heard here, in my home city.  The Dead Messengers will even turn up for a full-scale rocknroll extravaganza on Cinco de Drinko.  More to come, always. More, more, more.

thanks for listening,


Summer Tours

The West Coast tour was awesome. Thanks to all who made it so.  With the new album in a bit of a holding pattern for the time being, the focus for the summer of 2010 is on shows, shows, shows.

First off, there's a unique show coming up in a few days at Trip in Santa Monica.  This is a "songwriters in the round" show on Sunday, April 25th at 8:15pm.  This show is a "Storytellers" event, so you'll not only get to hear a bunch of great songs, but also the STORIES behind them (here's hint: they're about girls).

Then on May 5th, I'll be performing full-band with the Dead Messengers in support of my good friend Thom Nicholas.  This is the CD Release event for Thom's band.  Come down for Cinco-De-Drinko at Molly Malone's on Fairfax.  That's Wednesday, May 5th, with more details on the Shows page.

Just three days later, I'll be playing a solo acoustic date in Huntington Beach at Gallagher's Pub, again in support of the Thomas Nicholas Band.  I'll be kicking the show off at 9, and if you come for my set (or anytime before 10pm, you'll get in FREE OF CHARGE.  Again, more details on the SHOWS page.

In mid May, there's talk of a couple of Portland, Oregon area shows being booked.  This trip may or may not happen, but if it does, you'll find the details here at  The dates would most likely be the weekend of May 15th-17th.

In June, I'll be heading up to the Bay area again with my favorite touring buddy, Ben De La Cour.  We'll be playing three dates.  Friday June 11, at Last Stage West in Atascadero, Saturday, June 12 at the Velo Rouge in San Francisco and finally Sunday, June 13 at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival.  This will be a lot of fun, so if you're a Bay-Area local, be sure to come down.  And yes there's more info at......the Shows page!

Finally, I'm most excited to announce my first comprehensive tour of the great Southwest.  Ben De La Cour and I will be hitting the road for two weeks, and stops are planned in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana.  I'll be posting the dates as they're confirmed, but they'll more than likely occur between July 9 - July 24th.  We're really excited, and you should be too.

More news soon!

West Coast Tour w/Ben De La Cour

Hello everyone: 

Thanks to everyone who supported at the Bordello, Cafe Muse, and surprise Bloomingdales shows.  With those out of the way, I'd like to make another announcement about my upcoming tour with Ben De La Cour.  In less than a week, we'll head up the coast for shows in California, Oregon and Washington, and we'd love to see you there.  Info at the shows page, and below:

2010 WEST COAST TOUR (w/ Ben De La Cour)

Wed. 3/24/10 - Cafe Cordiale - Sherman Oaks, CA - 9:30pm (Marc only)

Fri. 3/26/10 - The Red Vic Peace Cafe - San Francisco, CA - 7pm (Ben only)

Sat. 3/27/10 - Velo Rouge Cafe - San Francisco, CA - 7pm

Mon. 3/29/10 - The Inn Between - Welches, OR - 5pm

Tue. 3/30/10 - Tost Lounge - Seattle, WA - 10pm

Thurs. 4/1/10 - Mama Buzz Cafe - Oakland, CA - 6:30pm

Fri. 4/2/10 - The Red Vic Peace Cafe - San Francisco, CA - 7pm (Marc only)

Sat. 4/3/10 - Last Stage West BBQ - Atascadero, CA - 6pm


Shows, Shows, Shows

Thanks to everyone who made Feb. 21st at Good Hurt a special night.  It was great to have the Dead Messengers on stage together again.  We'll look to do some more full band shows later in the year.  In the meantime, there are tons of new dates on the calendar all along the west coast. 

First, I'm doing two events in early March you should know about.  March 7th I'm playing a fundraiser for my alma mater, the Masters of Professional Writing Program at USC.  The show is at one of my favorite venues in town, Bordello in Downtown LA.  My good friend Ben De La Cour will be opening. 

Then on Friday evening, March 12, I'm playing the most intimate of shows with another great friend, Elena, at Cafe Muse in Hollywood.  If you came to the Feb. 21st show you'll remember Elena singing a few songs with Giulio just prior to my set.  This is my first time playing down at Cafe Muse and I'm looking forward to it.

Later in the month, I'll be teaming up with the good folks at Hollowbody L.A. to a do a show at Cafe Cordiale in Sherman Oaks on March 24th.  This is a famed musician hangout and jam spot right on Ventura Blvd. with free parking and NO COVER.  Definitely come check this show out.

Finally the biggest news is my west coast tour with the aformentioned Ben De La Cour.  Ben and I met at our show at Trip in Santa Monica on January 3rd, and we immediately clicked.  We decided to throw together a week's worth of west coast dates, and I'm happy to say it's been booked.  There will no doubt be lots of promotion of the tour itself that will pop up over the next month, but I'll go ahead and give you the official schedule now as well:

Saturday, March 27 - Velo Rouge Cafe - San Francisco, CA

Monday, March 29 - Muddywaters - Portland, OR

Tuesday, March 30 - Tost Lounge - Seattle, WA

Thursday, April 1 - Mama Buzz Cafe - Oakland, CA

Friday, April 2 - The Red Vic Peace Cafe - San Francisco, CA

Saturday, April 3 - Last Stage West - Atascadero, CA

We hope to see you in one of these cities!  I'll keep you posted on all the events as they come closer, as well as more tour news. 

On Jack Kerouac, Ben De La Cour, and Seasonal Wanderlust

I had a friend in high school a little ahead of his time.  Read On the Roadbefore everybody else, that is to say.  Wanted to get out there and see the Country. Big C.  He wanted to drive the Highways. Even had a friend or two convinced to do it too.  I hung back.  I wasn't quite ready for that.  But it wasn't too long after I developed my own unquenchable thirst to move. Town to town.  I did it first from Boston to Los Angeles in 2001, and back again.  Then again a summer later.  I went to see girls, I went to play shows, I just went.  I loved it.  Being in a different place every day.

I still do.

It's been the bad running joke of my solo career that I've done so much recording and spent so little time touring.  There have been a myriad bunch of reasons behind this fact, mostly coincidence and bad luck.  But nevertheless, the days are coming when I'll no doubt grow tired the path unfolding and will long for a lazy day in Venice. 

I met an old soul named Ben De La Cour from Brooklyn by way of Havana and London.  He's a whole different story and you'll come to know him soon, but let's just say for now that troubled minds think alike.  He and I decided to fire up the old engine again and speed off north, plucking our guitars along the way.  And so we embark on the first little tour of 2010, towards the great Northwest, a place that's never been home to me but has always felt as though it should be. 

The journey unfolds beginning the twenty-sixth of this month.  We're going to get the highway miles, and spend some time with good folks all along the way.  Join the party when we come to your town. All the info's up on other facets of this, my world wide website. 

Thanks for listening,


Upon the launch of my (last) new website -

I've never been fluent in the digital tongue of my generation.  Ones and zeros and other technical jargon.  I see this stuff fly by with the same dumb "O" shaped mouth of wow as when the aeroplanes take off over my head driving down Sepulveda Blvd.  I can't grasp it. Never have.  

But commerce in this the 21st century implores us to do the best we can, to carve the code and fiberoptic wire into somewhere useful, somewhere colorful and magical filled with content, content, content to entertain the masses and MOVE UNITS!!!!

Long story short (too late), this is the place it all comes to be.  The meeting point between all my old comfy secret handshakes and smoke signals and the blinking, bleeping 3-D horologium of wonder that many of my contemporaries may offer up at www.wherever.


Anyone clever enough to sit in front of a home computer device ought to have no trouble finding out what's where.  There's News for sure, all laid out in layman's terms.  And a place called Shows to direct you to our next sit-in jamboree extravaganza.  There's Music, both for listening and reading the words that go along to the tunes, and Photos for looking at.  You can even find out where to Buy the CD or Contact my astute representation.  You can sign up for more goodness in the Guestbook, find Links to more world wide websites of relevant material, or even go Home to where the Tweets come to roost.  

It's all up to you really!  Choose your own adventure!  And don't be afraid to stop by here and see the Stuff Marc Says.  I don't know how often I'll say it, but often enough.  

Welcome to my own personal pit-stop on the information super-highway.  The interweb, if you will.  The "net".  Like in that Sandra Bullock movie.