Hey folks:

I've realized nothing goes in here except when the odd show is happening or when a record is being released, so I thought I'd briefly bridge the gap.

While there are no shows currently on the calendar (the show this past March is my only California date of 2017, sadly), I've spent the summer at home in Oklahoma writing songs for album #6. It doesn't have a title yet, but as per usual, it will be a departure from the most recent record.

Looking back over the years, I tend to oscillate between the rock stuff and the rootsy stuff. Danger Show was a pretty even split, but then it was back and forth, back and forth. Since Nothing is Fantastic was the most unapologetically rock record I've made as a solo artist, it seems fitting then that I swing back the other direction for this next record. It will be, probably more than anything I've done, an unapologetically "country" record.

Now, before you elitists on the coasts lose your shit, I'll remind you that in my mind, this is all territory I've covered before. There's fiddle all over Albatross, not to mention banjo and accordion. The same is true of Beneath a Balcony. Hell, the first guitar solo in the very first song I ever put out, "Run Like Hell" is played on lap steel. Let's just say I'm making use of that half of the palette with this next batch, and I hope I'll have it out in 2018 before the big move back west.

Thanks for continuing to listen, folks. Sorry I suck at keeping you up-to-date.