Today marks the release of my fourth full-length record, now available in the Store

Cover art by Edward C. Simon

I'm pleased to share this, my proudest musical achievement, with the world. It has meant a great deal to me to write, record and release this record, and I encourage you to head over to the Store and pick one up, even for free, if that's what it takes.  The download is available for name-your-own-price, meaning you can pay as much or as little as you want. You can even pay nothing.  Seriously, I won't mind.  In addition, there is a limited edition CD available for $12.00.  Any purchase of the CD triggers an automatic digital download of the record (with deluxe digital booklet including lyrics), as well as a download code with your CD that gets you Ink and Hollow Bones: The Albatross Demos a month prior to general release.

I want to take just a moment to call your attention to a few parallel items.  As I said, a digital booklet with lyrics comes with the download, but if you ever want to read the lyrics to any of my songs from any of my albums, they're all right here on the Lyrics page. 

Secondly, I made three cool music videos for Albatross songs, all of which are on my You Tube channel and conveniently embedded over on the Videos page.

Finally, as I am a writer by trade, I've set aside a section of the website for essays.  I've written two such pieces on the release of Albatross, one that serves as a bit of an introduction to the album, and another that provides a more detailed backstory for those who have listened to the record and want to know more.  Both of these essays are located on the Writing page.

There is a full of list of "Thank You's" in the digital booklet that accompanies the album, but I would like to say again how much I appreciate the continued support of my family, friends, and fans.  You all make it very much worth while to continue to write, record, and release music.

Now go listen to the new record!