I've never been fluent in the digital tongue of my generation.  Ones and zeros and other technical jargon.  I see this stuff fly by with the same dumb "O" shaped mouth of wow as when the aeroplanes take off over my head driving down Sepulveda Blvd.  I can't grasp it. Never have.  

But commerce in this the 21st century implores us to do the best we can, to carve the code and fiberoptic wire into somewhere useful, somewhere colorful and magical filled with content, content, content to entertain the masses and MOVE UNITS!!!!

Long story short (too late), this is the place it all comes to be.  The meeting point between all my old comfy secret handshakes and smoke signals and the blinking, bleeping 3-D horologium of wonder that many of my contemporaries may offer up at www.wherever.


Anyone clever enough to sit in front of a home computer device ought to have no trouble finding out what's where.  There's News for sure, all laid out in layman's terms.  And a place called Shows to direct you to our next sit-in jamboree extravaganza.  There's Music, both for listening and reading the words that go along to the tunes, and Photos for looking at.  You can even find out where to Buy the CD or Contact my astute representation.  You can sign up for more goodness in the Guestbook, find Links to more world wide websites of relevant material, or even go Home to where the Tweets come to roost.  

It's all up to you really!  Choose your own adventure!  And don't be afraid to stop by here and see the Stuff Marc Says.  I don't know how often I'll say it, but often enough.  

Welcome to my own personal pit-stop on the information super-highway.  The interweb, if you will.  The "net".  Like in that Sandra Bullock movie.