I had a friend in high school a little ahead of his time.  Read On the Roadbefore everybody else, that is to say.  Wanted to get out there and see the Country. Big C.  He wanted to drive the Highways. Even had a friend or two convinced to do it too.  I hung back.  I wasn't quite ready for that.  But it wasn't too long after I developed my own unquenchable thirst to move. Town to town.  I did it first from Boston to Los Angeles in 2001, and back again.  Then again a summer later.  I went to see girls, I went to play shows, I just went.  I loved it.  Being in a different place every day.

I still do.

It's been the bad running joke of my solo career that I've done so much recording and spent so little time touring.  There have been a myriad bunch of reasons behind this fact, mostly coincidence and bad luck.  But nevertheless, the days are coming when I'll no doubt grow tired the path unfolding and will long for a lazy day in Venice. 

I met an old soul named Ben De La Cour from Brooklyn by way of Havana and London.  He's a whole different story and you'll come to know him soon, but let's just say for now that troubled minds think alike.  He and I decided to fire up the old engine again and speed off north, plucking our guitars along the way.  And so we embark on the first little tour of 2010, towards the great Northwest, a place that's never been home to me but has always felt as though it should be. 

The journey unfolds beginning the twenty-sixth of this month.  We're going to get the highway miles, and spend some time with good folks all along the way.  Join the party when we come to your town. All the info's up on other facets of this, my world wide website. 

Thanks for listening,