After much ado, and years and years and years of record industry crap, personal crises, financial troubles, neglect, and good old fashioned procrastination, I am extremely excited to announce that very soon, my third full-length record Anthems will finally be released. I know, I know, you've heard it before...but in truth, my longtime bass player, collaborator and good buddy Frogs is at work mixing the record at this very moment*, leaving only mastering before the record's arrival.

[* - note, Frogs might not actually be mixing "at this very moment".  There's actually a good chance that at this very moment he's doing something else, such as feeding his cats, trimming his mohawk, watching Battlestar Gallactica reruns, or eating Otter Pops.  The point is, he's mixing the record and soon it'll be done.]

As many of you know, the original plan WAAAY back in 2008 was to make my two follow-up records to Welcome to the Danger Show and release them more less together (as much as six months apart), those being my Americana record, Beneath a Balcony, and then its rock n roll cousin, Anthems.  It did not come to pass.  Some delays were my fault, and many others weren't, but suffice to say, once Beneath a Balcony arrived in 2009, it took two years for it to be widely available online, and Anthems never arrived at all.  This is why I'm so excited that you'll all soon be able to hear the record, which contains many of the best songs I've ever written (in my humble opinion.)  If you lived in Los Angeles between 2007 and 2009, and caught any of the Dead Messengers' live shows at Bordello, the Mint, Hotel Cafe, or elsewhere, there's a chance you know and love many of these songs.  "Typewriter" and "Song For E" especially were staples of the live set during those days with the band.  Both appear on Anthems as well as a slew of other songs which will be new to you, but which I'm sure you'll love.

Also, for the occasion of the record's release, I took the liberty of making several "Teaser-Trailer" style videos to spread the word about the release of the record.  There's a good chance that the release of one or more of these videos are what led you here to this post in the first place.  The first trailer, using the music from a new track off Anthems entitled "Oh Lily" hit the internet today. Enjoy, and stay tuned for news and updates, including but not limited to: the official release date of Anthems, more teaser-trailer videos, the debut of the first music video for a track off Anthems, and information on shows.  Thanks for listening.