Hello there.  Please start off by reading this blog post regarding my year of touring, including some heartfelt thanks:


Every time anyone puts an album out, they always try to have a lengthy “Thanks” section to everyone who helped make an album possible.  Of course there is a huge cast of characters that help an album come to fruition, but I’d argue that even more love and generosity is needed for successful tours to happen - ESPECIALLY when they’re of the DIY variety.

I sincerely hope to get my third album, Anthems released in 2011, but I didn’t want 2010 to expire without giving some appreciation to some of the folks who helped me survive on tour for 4 of the 12 months this year.  So please take a moment and read my sincere TOUR thanks for the time I’ve spent on the road this past year:

Thanks to:

Ben De La Cour, Mika Revell, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Amza Moglan, Jason Krangel, Shay Godwin, Thai Long Ly, Larry Cohen, Misty & David in Oklahoma, Marc Nuttle, Sylvia (& Chacho) in San Antonio, Chet & Cindy Harum, Jeff & Judy Harum, Rob & Sarah Leifer and Justin Siegel (who housed me for my 6 weeks back in L.A. with nowhere to live), Bert DiViterbo, Ryan Dishen, Michelle Martello & Joe Galanek, Mike & Michelle Schoenholtz, Michael & Rachel King, Anne, Tracy, The entire Olsen Family (of Logan,UT and beyond), Amelia (for the bgv), Brock DeShane, Driftwood, Emerick, Mimi & Harold, Roni Page, Colleen Doherty, Kristin Flammio, Gina Flammio (& esteemed roommates), Madani, Al Hubbard, Mitch Daniels, Luke Hanlin, Cheryl & Benny, Jonathan Bender, The Royce Family (of Cincinnati), Patrick Wilson, Pat Hanlin (for always making Boston great), Jugghead Band, The Shills, Sidehatch Entertainment, Ben Maitland-Lewis, Chris at Spice Street, Casey Stone, Val & Gary Basciano Sr., Clay & Ashley, Gary Jr., Alecia, Bill Villany, Shawn Sugrue, Brian Moskin, Giulio Carmassi & the rest of the NYC/CT gang,  Stacy, Vito Basciano (& esteemed roommates), The Ethnographers, my faithful booking agent Alanna McKeever, my manager Adham Hunt, Morgan & Jeff Zuehlke, The Bell Family, The Vincent Family, Phil Schrieber, Fox Ellipsis, Eddie Simon & Christina Ballstaedt, Tyler Hicks (for coming through again and again as booking agent, promoter and friend), the whole Shreveport family, Caroline, my dad, and my mom (who personally designed AND silk-screened the handsome t-shirts I sold on tour.)

A special thanks to Mandy, who saw more shows than anyone while I was on my fall tour (4 in all) and Alexis, who traveled to shows in MD, PA, and TN, Kate & Britton Carr for hosting a house concert in MD, and Abby for keeping me alive & mostly sane through an inspiring but often difficult September/October/November of touring.

Of course thanks to EVERYONE who saw the shows, bought CDs, books, and T-shirts, and filled tip jars and made this year possible.

Lastly, to the fans - many friends but many strangers - who made a point to come up to me at shows, share their stories and their scars and tell me how important my music is to them: I cannot say you are all the reason why I got into this business, but I can promise that YOU are the reason I don’t quit.  Your support means everything and I humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart.