Hey folks:

I've realized nothing goes in here except when the odd show is happening or when a record is being released, so I thought I'd briefly bridge the gap.

While there are no shows currently on the calendar (the show this past March is my only California date of 2017, sadly), I've spent the summer at home in Oklahoma writing songs for album #6. It doesn't have a title yet, but as per usual, it will be a departure from the most recent record.

Looking back over the years, I tend to oscillate between the rock stuff and the rootsy stuff. Danger Show was a pretty even split, but then it was back and forth, back and forth. Since Nothing is Fantastic was the most unapologetically rock record I've made as a solo artist, it seems fitting then that I swing back the other direction for this next record. It will be, probably more than anything I've done, an unapologetically "country" record.

Now, before you elitists on the coasts lose your shit, I'll remind you that in my mind, this is all territory I've covered before. There's fiddle all over Albatross, not to mention banjo and accordion. The same is true of Beneath a Balcony. Hell, the first guitar solo in the very first song I ever put out, "Run Like Hell" is played on lap steel. Let's just say I'm making use of that half of the palette with this next batch, and I hope I'll have it out in 2018 before the big move back west.

Thanks for continuing to listen, folks. Sorry I suck at keeping you up-to-date.


Now available: my new album, Albatross

Today marks the release of my fourth full-length record, now available in the Store

Cover art by Edward C. Simon

I'm pleased to share this, my proudest musical achievement, with the world. It has meant a great deal to me to write, record and release this record, and I encourage you to head over to the Store and pick one up, even for free, if that's what it takes.  The download is available for name-your-own-price, meaning you can pay as much or as little as you want. You can even pay nothing.  Seriously, I won't mind.  In addition, there is a limited edition CD available for $12.00.  Any purchase of the CD triggers an automatic digital download of the record (with deluxe digital booklet including lyrics), as well as a download code with your CD that gets you Ink and Hollow Bones: The Albatross Demos a month prior to general release.

I want to take just a moment to call your attention to a few parallel items.  As I said, a digital booklet with lyrics comes with the download, but if you ever want to read the lyrics to any of my songs from any of my albums, they're all right here on the Lyrics page. 

Secondly, I made three cool music videos for Albatross songs, all of which are on my You Tube channel and conveniently embedded over on the Videos page.

Finally, as I am a writer by trade, I've set aside a section of the website for essays.  I've written two such pieces on the release of Albatross, one that serves as a bit of an introduction to the album, and another that provides a more detailed backstory for those who have listened to the record and want to know more.  Both of these essays are located on the Writing page.

There is a full of list of "Thank You's" in the digital booklet that accompanies the album, but I would like to say again how much I appreciate the continued support of my family, friends, and fans.  You all make it very much worth while to continue to write, record, and release music.

Now go listen to the new record!

One week until Albatross...

The release of my fourth full-length, Albatross, is just one week away on February 25th. The third music video from the album was posted today, for track #5 - "That's Mine, This is Yours," joining the videos for "You'll Never Work In This Town Again" and "Elizabeth Murphy & the Albatross."

Just as with my third album Anthems, the new record will be available for download from the store for "Name-Your-Own-Price."  However, if you purchase one of the limited edition Albatross CDs, you will not only receive an immediate digital download of Albatross with its digital booklet (as well as your physical CD in the mail), but you'll also receive a download code to get a second release for free, a month before it's available to anyone else.

Available to all on 3/25 for $5.00, but free to you a month early with a purchase of the  Albatross  CD.

Available to all on 3/25 for $5.00, but free to you a month early with a purchase of the Albatross CD.

Ink and Hollow Bones: The Albatross Demos is a collection of ten demo recordings for the songs that became Albatross.  Accompanying these early demos is a digital booklet with mini-essays on each of the songs/recordings.  While Ink and Hollow Bones will be available as a $5.00 download to all on March 25th, those who purchase the Albatross CD will receive a download code to get this collection for free immediately.

There a very limited number of Albatross CDs available.  Considering there are even fewer of the VERY limited edition Anthems CDs available, you'll need to act fast if you want to have the entire catalogue on CD. Plus, a purchase of the Albatross CD gets a download code for Ink and Hollow Bones for free (and a month before general release).  

Coming February 25th, 2014 - Albatross

After 4+ years of writing and recording, my fourth full-length Albatross will be released to the public on February 25th.  Visit the Store when the day arrives to get your copy. In addition to a  "name-your-own-price" digital download (complete with digital booklet), a very limited number of CDs will be available.  Purchasing one of these CDs will automatically give you a download of the album, as well as a download code for another bonus collection a month prior to its release.

Check back often over the next three weeks as there will be more and more information about the new album.  In the meantime, check out the first music video for "Elizabeth Murphy & the Albatross" by clicking HERE.

Welcome to the Brand New Website...

In the grand tradition of rearranging the furniture to keep things fresh, please enjoy my new website. Naturally, it coincides with the upcoming release of Albatross, my fourth full-length.

Check back often for more updates, including info on the release of the record.



The Tulsa Sound

My travels ran me around 47 U.S. states, landed me in Buffalo, returned me to Boston, brought me to Oklahoma City, and now I've finally come to rest (at least for the next few years) in Tulsa.  

Tulsa, Oklahoma has an incredibly rich music history, which you should really learn about when you have the chance.  Start with Leon Russell and J.J. Cale and Shelter Records and the Church Studio and just go from there.

At any rate, I've been gearing up these last few months to finish my fourth full-length Albatross and finally release it to the world. In December, I spent some time at Norman, Oklahoma's Blackwatch Studios to add some organ and accordion tracks.  Next I'm planning on teaming up with an award-winning Tulsa producer and some great local string players.  Finally, I hope to get the record to mix by sometime this fall and have it out by the end of the year.

For those of you still checking in, I appreciate your patience and support. It's easier to reward that support on a consistent basis when playing 100+ shows a year and getting new music out regularly.  These last few years more or less off the road, writing and recording Albatross were a necessary step for my life.  I'm not out there on the highway like I used to be, not seeing all of you as much as I'd like, but you have to believe me when I say I'm better for the change.  

Making this record has also been an arduous, but cathartic trial.  It has been an emotional and difficult process.  But while it's almost become a cliche that every artist believes his new record is his best yet, I must admit I'm very excited about Albatross' artistic potential, probably the most excited I've been since before the release of Welcome to the Danger Show

I'll leave it there for now.  Before the record comes out, I'll unload a full-blown essay for anyone really curious about that record's background and message.  In the meantime, thanks for listening, and hopefully there'll be news soon.


Presenting: Kill the Messenger - Live & Rarities (2006-2009)

I know many of you are expecting the release of my fourth album, Albatross soon.  I too hope to get that record out to the public as soon as possible.  The hold-up has to do with financing.  The record is just about all tracked, but in order to have the album mixed, mastered, and released, I'm going to need to raise some money.

Now, I know lots of other people have gone in for "Kickstarter" style campaigns, but that's not me.  I'm not going to ask you to donate money for the purpose of me doing what I love to do.  I appreciate the idea of it all, but it's just not something I'm particularly interested in.  So how do I reconcile the lack of funds with my desire to continue to release new music to you the fans, and to release in my preferred format, which is to "name your own price"?

I'm hoping this will help.  I've released today in my bandcamp store a rarities record.  It's 19 songs of previously unreleased material.  Some are solo or full-band demos, some are live tracks, and there are even a handful of songs you've never heard before in any form.  I combed through the vault of recordings from 2006 to 2009 (ie: the years in which my first three albums were written and recorded) and I only selected tracks that I feel are interesting or unique in one way or another. 

If you think you'd be interested in this record, AND you'd like to push me toward my goal of mixing, mastering, and releasing my fourth full-length LP, please consider going to and downloading your copy.  I have listed the price as $5.00, a helluva deal for 19 tracks.  I've also enabled the option to give more than $5 if you'd like, and if you enjoy the rarities record, I hope you will.

The nineteen tracks are available for download along with a beautiful deluxe booklet in PDF form.  The booklet has short essays about each track, explaining what makes it unique and why I chose it for the collection.  Alongside these essays are some lovely black and white photos taken over the years of me and my band. 

If you're a fan, I think you'll like it.

So, I invite you to check out my new release: Kill the Messenger: Live & Rarities (2006-2009).

It's music for you to enjoy, and a chance for you to help me get my fourth LP out as soon as possible.  Every dollar earned from the sale of this rarities collection will go straight to the mixing & mastering fund for the next album.

Thanks for listening,



Albatross Recording Continues in Los Angeles

I had a great week in Los Angeles from July 27th thru August 1st, laying down more tracks for my upcoming album, Albatross. This will be my fourth album since becoming a solo artist in 2006.  But in many ways, this will be my first new record in quite a while.

Technically, my first album came out in 2007, my second in 2009, and my third only a few months ago, in March of 2012.  But these release dates actually belie when the records themselves were written and recorded.  After my debut Welcome to the Danger Show came out in March of 2007, the songs for my second and third albums were all written and recorded simultaneously over the course of 2007 and 2008, with a few other recordings coming later.

So while I only just released a record less than 6 months ago, it wasn’t really “new” to me. In fact, Albatross will showcase all the songs I wrote in 2009, 2010, and 2012.  You could say it’s the first album of a new era, and thusly, I wanted to work a little differently than in the past.

While there will be some familiar names on Albatross, there are plenty of new ones as well.  As I’ve previously reported, drums and percussion were recorded in Boston this past April/May with Patrick Hanlin.  He’s an old friend, but this is his first appearance on one of my albums. He also will provide accordion on a handful of songs.  And when I traveled to Los Angeles this past month, I once again sought out a mixture of the old and the new.

The first stop was the beautiful Beach Studio in Hermosa owned and operated by Eddie Jackson, a very talented producer, engineer, and drummer.  I knew I could trust Eddie to get amazing vocal and acoustic guitar sounds - the all-too-important basis for every one of my songs.  Eddie engineered a few sessions on my second album, Beneath a Balcony, joining in on the percussion ho-down in “Blessing in Disguise” and later mixed and mastered the album.  

He also mastered my third album, Anthems and also logged a few shows with the Dead Messengers as a fill-in on drums. On Friday July 27th, I traveled to Hermosa Beach and cut all of the lead vocals for Albatross in one go. Towards the end of the session, another familiar face dropped by, Kellianne Noftle, to sing backup vocals.  She can be heard on both my first and third albums, and she added her voice to three of the songs on my new record.

The next day, we knocked out the entirety of the album’s bass tracks.  Having only used one bass player since I was 18 years old, it was quite a departure for me to have someone other than Frogs playing bass.  Nevertheless, we lucked out with Andrew Perusi, a great kid from the east coast who nailed all ten songs.  He was even able to keep up with my frenetic recording pace, an essential for playing on a Marc M Cogman record.

With bass and vocals added to the drums and percussion, I put on the acoustic guitar and wrapped up my two days with Eddie by recording all of the acoustic tracks.  This is often my least favorite part of making a record (as I’m a lousy guitarist and prone to f—kups) but having a skilled engineer like Eddie allowed for everything to come out sounding great.

The next morning was Sunday, July 29th, and I moved camp from Beach Studio to the Octagon House atop Topanga Canyon.  It was here that I sat down with Dead Messengers veteran Steve McDonald to crank out some electric guitars.  I first met Steve when he came to record on Welcome to the Danger Show over 5 years ago.  Since then, we’ve played countless shows together and he’s become my de facto electric guitarist. In the past, I often made use of Steve’s warbling leads and excellent slide guitar work for my big country-rock tunes like ”Incurable Blues”.  But this new record is a little bit different, and so Steve got to flex the muscles he earned as a guitarist in Bay-Area punk bands long before we met.  Add in the fact that Steve built his own Leslie rotating speaker cabinet from scratch and we mic’d it up, and the results were awesome.

Monday morning, July 30th, I went to work with someone I’d met before but never made music with - Kyle Frederickson.  Best known as a member of the Boston (now L.A.) band the Everyday Visuals, Kyle is a whiz with anything you can strum, from guitar, to banjo, to mandolin.  I went to his home studio in Atwater Village to get all three on Albatross, as well as lap steel guitar.  I won’t go into much detail about the session, just know this: Kyle will be appearing on many Marc M Cogman records.

I flew back home to Oklahoma City a few days later.  There’s still some piano and organ to record, as well as fiddle/violin and even a trumpet track.  Those will hopefully be done in the coming weeks/months. But I can say this: the record’s more finished than it isn’t, and that’s pretty exciting.

More updates to come.

Live in Los Angeles

After over a year, I'm returning to Los Angeles with a show at the Dragonfly (Santa Monica Blvd. @ Wilcox in Hollywood).

I hope you'll be there for this rare event!

Albatross is underway...

Greetings from Boston, MA (for another day or two).  As I mentioned last week, the long, slow process of recording my 4th album, Albatross has officially begun.  As many of you know, the wife-to-be and I are moving again, this time Oklahoma City.  Before I blew town, I wanted to set the recording process in motion with one of my good friends (and all-time favorite drummers), Patrick Hanlin.  Pat is a talented multi-instrumentalist originally hailing from Indiana who’s been entrenched in the Boston music scene for some time now.  

He’s probably best known as the drummer of Kid:nap:kin, a jaw-dropping power trio of aggro-prog-metal awesomeness (click HERE if you think I’m lying), but he’s also played as a hired gun in a number of other bands, rocked the VANS Warp Tour, and develops/produces local talent.  

I first met him in 2003, tried unsuccessfully to recruit him to be the drummer in the Neon Calm back in 2005, and have been able to share the stage with him many times.  He even appeared as the Dead Messengers drummer in the music video for “I Can’t Fix It”.  Nevertheless, I’ve never had him record on any of my material until now.  

At Pat’s suggestion, we spent two Fridays in a row at the studio of Producer/Engineer extraordinaire Scott Riebling.  Scott first found fame as the bassist for the band Letters to Cleo, and has since become a go-to guy for great sounding records. He’s worked with a ton of artists (Butch Walker, Metro Station, the Von Bondies, Fall Out Boy, Dropkick Murphys and more) and produced one of my favorite local Boston records of all time, A Girl’s Name Here by Rocketscience. 

But enough about all that. These are two awesome guys and they’ve helped insure that my fourth album will be awesome as well.  Pat also added hand percussion and accordion parts. And Scott also made us homemade pizza.  So the tracks we’ve begun so far:

1. If I Stop Singing, Check My Pulse

2. Still Running

3. The Long List of Names

4. The Wedding Party

5. No Show Tonight

6. That’s Mine, This is Yours

7. You’ll Never Work in This Town Again

8. Tender Venom

9. Elizabeth Murphy & the Albatross

10. The Road Home


More updates soon.

Anthems is here...and here's the FAQ

The Anthems FAQ


Available now at


Q:         What the hell took so long?

A:         I know, I know.  I thought this record would be out by 2009, and then 2010, etc, etc, etc.  I had some tough times in there.  Some crazy crap went down. If you’d been there, you wouldn’t be surprised that I fell a little behind with regard to record releases. But fear not: Anthems is here, and my next record is nearly finished being written. So don’t plan on having to wait another three years before the next one comes out.


Q:         Why no CDs this time?  You’ve always had physical copies as well as digital downloads available…

A:         I do love CDs, but in addition to the fact that everyone listens to music on computers and iPods now, it was a matter of cost.  I’ve had all of my recording expenses from the last five years funded by record labels, but finding the cash for the mixing, mastering and printing of Anthems has been the biggest hurdle in the record being released – because once I was out of my deal(s), these became out-of-pocket expenses.  Printing CDs is expensive, so going solely digital meant the album could finally be released without the help of outside funding. The last piece of the puzzle was realizing I could include a deluxe digital booklet with all the photos, lyrics, and credits that would usually accompany a physical CD.  Once I knew that was possible, I felt I could live with a digital-only release.


Q:         You’re right about digital downloads; they’re the way to go, but why isn’tAnthems on iTunes?

A:         Well, although iTunes put the digital music store on the map, it’s simply not as artist-friendly as other digital retailers, like Bandcamp.  I’ve chosen to use Bandcamp as my music distributor for a few reasons, but the two most important are:

1.) I could offer the digital booklet as an easy download along with the music, and

2.) I could allow fans to NAME THEIR OWN PRICE when purchasing the album.

This last element is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, and with Bandcamp, it’s really easy.  The fan downloads the record, pays $10 or $1 or $5 or whatever they want, and everybody wins.  So that’s the way I plan to release records from now on.


Q:         I’m a bit of a collector. Will there ever be an actual CD of Anthems to sit on my collector’s shelf next to the first two albums?

A:         I hope so, but I can’t say for sure.  There’s a very limited chance that one day I could do a special-edition short run, just for posterity’s sake. I’d also love to do vinyl editions of all of my records at some point, if the demand exists and the funds are available.


Q:         I saw you on tour in (Spokane / Omaha / Atlanta) and you played a new song about (a car crash / worms / Tyler’s sister) and it was one of my favorites.   Why don’t I see that song here on Anthems?

A:         Yeah, those will be on the next one.  As you know I’ve been doing a lot more writing and touring for the last few years than making records.  So I’m a bit behind.  Those songs will definitely be on the next record, Albatross, which I’m nearly done writing.  Sometime in the coming year I’ll start looking to record it and hopefully it’ll be out in 2013.


Q:         It says David Lowery produced and plays bass on two songs.  You mean David Lowery, the lead singer from Cracker?

A:         Indeed, it’s that David Lowery.  We were introduced back in 2009 and he graciously invited me to his home-base of Richmond, VA to record at Sound of Music Studios with him and the excellent house-band there. “The Rest of My Life” and “Oh Lily” came out of those sessions, and the talents of John Morand, Craig Harmon, Hugo Haggie, Alan Weatherhead and Miguel Urbizitano are also on display. They’re a great bunch of guys and excellent musicians. 


Q:         Why do the backup vocals sound so awesome? Is Kelli back?  Could this really be true?

A:         Yes, after being conspicuously absent from Beneath a Balcony, original Dead Messengers member Kellianne Noftle is on Anthems singing backup vocals.  I hesitate to say, “she’s back where she belongs” because she’s actually been right where she belongs this whole time: putting out her own excellent solo records and promoting the publication of her award-winning book of poetry.  But let’s just say we all missed her, and she’s a Dead Messenger once again. Hopefully she always will be, for many records to come.


Q:         Tell us about the artwork. Please?

A:         Edward C. Simon came up with the signature motif of the typewriter and Polaroids for the album cover way back in 2009, long before the record was finished.  Eddie is a multi-talented artist and musician from New Orleans, and one of my best friends for several years now.  He’s one of the many people who gave a lot of time and energy to seeing this record become a reality, and for his special contributions over the years and his friendship and support, I’ve dedicated the record to him.


Q:         I’m OG and went to the CD release shows for both Welcome to the Danger Show and Beneath a Balcony. So when/where is the Anthems release show?

A:         It pains me to say that a “release show” (at least in the sense of what I’ve done for my last two records) is not in the cards this time.  I’ve moved to new states twice in the last year, and I’m more than likely moving to yet another state in the next few months. This, among other things (like the untimely death of my car), has made fly-back shows difficult and touring impossible.  I hope to be playing live again soon in all my favorite places, but performing has had to take a back seat to getting the new album out. Maybe in the next few months we’ll get some celebratory shows in places like Boston, New York, L.A. and/or New Orleans.


Q:         Well if you just put out a record and you’re not about to start touring, what’s next?

A:         Well, I’m getting married. And moving. And in addition to spot dates in support ofAnthems, I hope to roll out a few music videos and then focus on a bunch of exciting stuff coming down the road. This includes a long-lost Dead Messengers live record from 2009, a documentary film about me and Ben De La Cour from one of our 2010 tours, and recording plans for my fourth record, Albatross. For now though, please enjoy Anthems.  It’s the result of a lot of hard work by a lot of people, nearly all of whom contributed their time and talents for nothing more than their love of this music.  I’m extremely proud of this record and I’m sorry it took so long to release it.


Thanks for reading!  If you haven’t already, please get your copy of Anthems for whatever price you choose at:

Trailer #4 - Anthems is just 5 days away...

Find the fourth and final Anthems trailer below. The record will be released this coming Tuesday, March 6th.  I'm offering the record as a NAME-YOUR-OWN-PRICE download at Why Bandcamp?  Well look for my Anthems FAQ post tomorrow and all your questions will no doubt be answered.


Trailer #3 - And More Anthems News

Last week, #3 of the 4 "trailers" for Anthems went up.  This one features a snippet from track 2, "The Rest of My Life".  Now that we're less than two weeks away from the record's release, I'm getting very excited.  I've been waiting a long time to release this record to the world, and I hope it'll end up being worth the wait.  

There's one more trailer yet, which we'll see in a few days, but also be on the lookout for some new content related to Anthems to show up soon.  I'll try to get the lyrics for the new record posted up, as well as entries for the "Songs & Stories" section of the site.  Also, expect to see an "Anthems FAQ" to arrive  

Here's trailer #3 if you haven't caught it on YouTube or the Tumblr:

The 2nd Anthems Teaser/Trailer

As promised, here is the second in a series of video trailers I've made to help promote the release of my third record, Anthems. While the first video featured some band footage and an instrumental recording of the new song "Oh Lily", this video features a bunch of the polaroids we used to snap of party-goers at Dangerland, our long-lost house in the hills above Los Angeles.  The music you're hearing in this video is from another song off the new record, entitled "Understudy".  

In addition to the new video, I'm happy to announce I've got a release date for you: Tuesday, March 6th, 2012.  There will be more videos, more news, and more information about the record release to come, but mark your calendars.  In a little over a month, it'll be yours for the listening.

Check back soon for more updates.

The Big News - Anthems

After much ado, and years and years and years of record industry crap, personal crises, financial troubles, neglect, and good old fashioned procrastination, I am extremely excited to announce that very soon, my third full-length record Anthems will finally be released. I know, I know, you've heard it before...but in truth, my longtime bass player, collaborator and good buddy Frogs is at work mixing the record at this very moment*, leaving only mastering before the record's arrival.

[* - note, Frogs might not actually be mixing "at this very moment".  There's actually a good chance that at this very moment he's doing something else, such as feeding his cats, trimming his mohawk, watching Battlestar Gallactica reruns, or eating Otter Pops.  The point is, he's mixing the record and soon it'll be done.]

As many of you know, the original plan WAAAY back in 2008 was to make my two follow-up records to Welcome to the Danger Show and release them more less together (as much as six months apart), those being my Americana record, Beneath a Balcony, and then its rock n roll cousin, Anthems.  It did not come to pass.  Some delays were my fault, and many others weren't, but suffice to say, once Beneath a Balcony arrived in 2009, it took two years for it to be widely available online, and Anthems never arrived at all.  This is why I'm so excited that you'll all soon be able to hear the record, which contains many of the best songs I've ever written (in my humble opinion.)  If you lived in Los Angeles between 2007 and 2009, and caught any of the Dead Messengers' live shows at Bordello, the Mint, Hotel Cafe, or elsewhere, there's a chance you know and love many of these songs.  "Typewriter" and "Song For E" especially were staples of the live set during those days with the band.  Both appear on Anthems as well as a slew of other songs which will be new to you, but which I'm sure you'll love.

Also, for the occasion of the record's release, I took the liberty of making several "Teaser-Trailer" style videos to spread the word about the release of the record.  There's a good chance that the release of one or more of these videos are what led you here to this post in the first place.  The first trailer, using the music from a new track off Anthems entitled "Oh Lily" hit the internet today. Enjoy, and stay tuned for news and updates, including but not limited to: the official release date of Anthems, more teaser-trailer videos, the debut of the first music video for a track off Anthems, and information on shows.  Thanks for listening.

Happy Birthday to Me & Other News

Hi there folks, I've been decidedly under the radar the past few months, getting settled in my new home of Buffalo, NY, working on an old house, and generally decompressing from 25,000 miles of touring last year.  While I do hope to be back at there singing for you soon, the next few months are going to be for some writing and recording, mainly.  I still hope to release my third record Anthems sometime this year, and book a tour in support of it, but we're still a little ways off.

In the meantime, I wanted to tell you all about two very special events coming in the next month.  On April 9th, I turn 30 years old, and I've decided to celebrate with a big show in New York City at The Living Room.  If you've never been to this venue, it's excellent - perhaps the single best venue to see me play a solo show in the whole country.  That's on Saturday, April 9th at 8pm, with complete info to to be found in the "TOUR" section.

Well once I posted the birthday show, I heard from a few disgruntled Los Angeles folks about how my big blow-out is in New York City and they haven't gotten a show since August and "WTF?".  So I decided I better throw a little West Coast shindig as well.  It's technically 20 days after my birthday, but what the hell, let's call it a (slightly belated) 30th Birthday Extravaganza. That will be Friday, April 29th at the Trip in Santa Monica. The show is at 9PM and more detailed info can be found in the "TOUR" section.

Aside from that, there have been a few new music videos posted on the You Tube page, for "This Won't Last" and "Run Like Hell".  A video for "Complete" will be up in the next few weeks as well.  

See you soon I hope, and thanks for listening,



Thanks to All

Hello there.  Please start off by reading this blog post regarding my year of touring, including some heartfelt thanks:


Every time anyone puts an album out, they always try to have a lengthy “Thanks” section to everyone who helped make an album possible.  Of course there is a huge cast of characters that help an album come to fruition, but I’d argue that even more love and generosity is needed for successful tours to happen - ESPECIALLY when they’re of the DIY variety.

I sincerely hope to get my third album, Anthems released in 2011, but I didn’t want 2010 to expire without giving some appreciation to some of the folks who helped me survive on tour for 4 of the 12 months this year.  So please take a moment and read my sincere TOUR thanks for the time I’ve spent on the road this past year:

Thanks to:

Ben De La Cour, Mika Revell, Thomas Ian Nicholas, Amza Moglan, Jason Krangel, Shay Godwin, Thai Long Ly, Larry Cohen, Misty & David in Oklahoma, Marc Nuttle, Sylvia (& Chacho) in San Antonio, Chet & Cindy Harum, Jeff & Judy Harum, Rob & Sarah Leifer and Justin Siegel (who housed me for my 6 weeks back in L.A. with nowhere to live), Bert DiViterbo, Ryan Dishen, Michelle Martello & Joe Galanek, Mike & Michelle Schoenholtz, Michael & Rachel King, Anne, Tracy, The entire Olsen Family (of Logan,UT and beyond), Amelia (for the bgv), Brock DeShane, Driftwood, Emerick, Mimi & Harold, Roni Page, Colleen Doherty, Kristin Flammio, Gina Flammio (& esteemed roommates), Madani, Al Hubbard, Mitch Daniels, Luke Hanlin, Cheryl & Benny, Jonathan Bender, The Royce Family (of Cincinnati), Patrick Wilson, Pat Hanlin (for always making Boston great), Jugghead Band, The Shills, Sidehatch Entertainment, Ben Maitland-Lewis, Chris at Spice Street, Casey Stone, Val & Gary Basciano Sr., Clay & Ashley, Gary Jr., Alecia, Bill Villany, Shawn Sugrue, Brian Moskin, Giulio Carmassi & the rest of the NYC/CT gang,  Stacy, Vito Basciano (& esteemed roommates), The Ethnographers, my faithful booking agent Alanna McKeever, my manager Adham Hunt, Morgan & Jeff Zuehlke, The Bell Family, The Vincent Family, Phil Schrieber, Fox Ellipsis, Eddie Simon & Christina Ballstaedt, Tyler Hicks (for coming through again and again as booking agent, promoter and friend), the whole Shreveport family, Caroline, my dad, and my mom (who personally designed AND silk-screened the handsome t-shirts I sold on tour.)

A special thanks to Mandy, who saw more shows than anyone while I was on my fall tour (4 in all) and Alexis, who traveled to shows in MD, PA, and TN, Kate & Britton Carr for hosting a house concert in MD, and Abby for keeping me alive & mostly sane through an inspiring but often difficult September/October/November of touring.

Of course thanks to EVERYONE who saw the shows, bought CDs, books, and T-shirts, and filled tip jars and made this year possible.

Lastly, to the fans - many friends but many strangers - who made a point to come up to me at shows, share their stories and their scars and tell me how important my music is to them: I cannot say you are all the reason why I got into this business, but I can promise that YOU are the reason I don’t quit.  Your support means everything and I humbly thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Fall Tour - Dates Announced

I'm excited to announce the following tour dates to close out 2010:


9/17/10 - San Francisco, CA - The Red Vic

9/18/10 - Mountain View, CA - Red Rock Coffee Co.

9/19/10 - Oakland, CA - Mama Buzz Cafe

9/21/10 -  Portland, OR - Alberta St. Pub

9/22/10 - Seattle, WA - Tost Lounge

9/24/10 - Victoria, BC - The Sunset Room

9/25/10 - Everett, WA - Anchor Pub

9/26/10 - Spokane, WA - Empyrean

9/27/10 - Boise, ID - Liquid Lounge

9/28/10 - Logan, UT - Why Sound

9/29/10 - Casper, WY - Metro Coffee Co.

9/30/10 - Boulder, CO - The Laughing Goat

10/02/10 - Wichita, KS - Poetic Justice

10/04/10 - Omaha, NE - University of Nebraska-Omaha

10/06/10 - Milwaukee, WI - Bad Genie Rock Lounge 

10/08/10 - Chicago, IL - Miska's Bar

10/09/10 -  Indianapolis, IN - Vollrath Tavern

10/10/10 - Cincinnati, OH - Leo Coffeehouse

10/11/10 - Lexington, KY - Cosmic Charlie's

10/12/10 - Columbus, OH - Slapsy Maxie's

10/13/10 - Toledo, OH - The Distillery

10/14/10 - Ann Arbor, MI - Crazy Wisdom Tea Room

10/15/10 - Toronto, ON - The Dakota

10/19/10 - Brooklyn, NY - Goodbye Blue Monday

10/20/10 - Cambridge, MA - All Asia

10/21/10 - Charlestown, MA - Sidehatch Manor

10/22/10 - York, ME - Blue Sky

10/24/10 - New York, NY - Parkside Lounge

10/25/10 -  New York, NY - Angels & Kings

10/27/10 - Philadelphia, PA - The Raven Lounge

10/28/10 - Hoboken, NJ - Northern Soul

10/29/10 - College Park, MD - House Concert 

10/30/10 - Greenville, NC - Tipsy Teapot

11/02/10 - Columbia, SC - The White Mule

11/03/10 - Atlanta, GA - The Five Spot

11/04/10 - Decatur, GA - Java Monkey

11/05/10 - Nashville, TN - The Reverb Room (Hard Rock Cafe)

11/06/10 - Chapmansboro, TN - Fall Festival @ Owen Farm

11/07/10 - Memphis, TN - Java Cabana

11/09/10 - Tupelo, MS - Papa's Place Lounge

11/10/10 - Birmingham, AL - Grey Bar

11/13/10 - Shreveport, LA - Bear's Place 

11/14/10 - Shreveport, LA - Hicks Wedding

11/15/10 - Norman, OK - Othello's

11/16/10 - Dallas, TX - Opening Bell




Hi there. I realized I'd blogged a bit and tweeted a lot, but not actually given a News update in quite some time. 


I spent the summer on the road, opening at first for the Thomas Ian Nicholas Band on dates all the way from L.A. to Traverse City, Michigan and back again. After those three weeks, I didn't even make it home before my own tour began with Ben De La Cour supporting.  That went through the south, with dates as far east as Shreveport and New Orleans.  All in all it was a great summer full of shows, new friends and a ton of highway miles.

I've only been back in Venice since the end of July, and I'm only here another 3-4 weeks before my fall tour starts - a tour which, by comparison, makes the summer of touring look small.  Starting with September 17th in San Francisco and ending with November 20th in New Orleans, I'll be out there on the road for over two solid months.  We're talking 60+ shows in 40 states, and I'm doing it all alone.  But then again, I won't ever be TRULY alone, because I'll be seeing so many friendly faces, old and new, while I'm out there.  I want yours to be one of them, so be sure to check the TOUR page and see when I'm coming to your area.  Odds are, I'll be there at some point in September, October, or November.  Folks in Alaska and Hawaii and North Dakota and a few other places will just have to wait.


The STORE page of the website is in the midst of undergoing some changes.  The main reason?  I've got merch!  Finally.   Those of you who caught one my shows on the summer tours knows that I'm now selling a copy of my book, Dangerous Music off the merch table as well as some Beneath a Balcony t-shirts.  Those both sold out mid-tour, and I'll have more for the fall tours - but I'm also going to start offering the book, the t-shirts and some brand-new Welcome to the Danger Show t-shirts for sale right HERE at 

All the shirts are home-made silk-screened jobs.  Think LIMITED EDITION, because it's the truth.  And both t-shirts were designed by my mom.  So that's cool too.  In fact, I loved the new logo for the Danger Show shirt so much, I had it tattoed on my forearm last week (sorry, Mom). 

I'm hoping to have even more goodies up there for sale later, but expect the shirts and the books to be ready for shipping by next week.  Again: that's on the STORE page.


Finally, I wanted to make special mention of the show coming up in just a few days at The Mint in Los Angeles on Monday, August 23rd at 9pm.  As the tour will take me out of town until the end of 2010, this is a farewell of sorts.  The truth is, I'm on the road so much now, that I no longer keep a place to live in L.A.  I've spent the break between the summer & fall tours couching it at friends' places.  So, in short, I'm leaving L.A. for quite a while and I can't say for certain when I'll be back.  Maybe December.  Maybe 2011.  Maybe later?  I don't know. 

This show at the Mint was planned, in part to be a sort of "end of an era" celebration.  There's a couple guys, namely Steve McDonald and Frogs, who've been members of my backing band, the Dead Messengers, for over 3 years now.  I'd love to take them on tour with me, but it's just not in the realm of possibility right now.  So this is a bit of a goodbye.  At the Mint on Monday, they'll join me with two other Dead Messengers, Justin Siegel on drums (who's logged many hours as a member of the band), and a gorgeous fresh face on keys and background vocals, Heather Fogarty. 

If you want to see me with the band, be there!  Because it'll be solo shows for quite a while from here on out.

Monday, 8/23/10 @ The Mint - Pico & Crescent Heights in L.A. - 9pm.  I hope to see you.

That's all for now.  Thanks for listening.

Have Guitar, Will Travel

When I was just a lower-case g, 2010 was that year that seemed to mean THE FUTURE.  It was just wild enough, just far enough away.  My hyper-active artistic older brother Bryan used to draw comic books; he made one where we all got in a time machine and went to THE FUTURE and 2010 was naturally the destination.  This was probably 1986 or 1987 and so his vision of how things would be were understandably off.  I mean, we had the flying cars, naturally.  That one never happened. I think my little brother Clay was running for president with my cousin Melissa as his running mate.  Never mind that Clay's only 26 in 2010 (and that's not an election year.)  I think Bryan had me as a baseball star or something.

Anyway, here in THE FUTURE, the one without flying cars and where my little brother has no hope of carrying New Hampshire, it seems all I've ever wanted was for summer to come around and to climb in the van and go, go, go.  And it would seem in 2010 my wish has been granted. 

I'll be embarking on an especially ambitious schedule of touring over the next six months, going to places I haven't been in awhile and a truckload more to which I've never been before.  I've been wanting for a long time now to stop fussing around with music bizness as we've known it and just take the music to the people, the old-fashioned way: on stage.

First, I'll pop up to Atascadero and San Francisco for just a few shows with Ben De La Cour, June 11-14th.  Then the real fun begins when I join Thomas Ian Nicholas and his band for dates in Nevada, Colorado, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa, and more, from June 20th to July 8th.  Just as that tour winds back toward the west, I'll hop off in Arizona and hop on my own tour (again with Ben De La Cour supporting) which runs through Phoenix, El Paso, Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Shreveport, New Orleans, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and back to Arizona and California, from July 9th through July 24th.

That July tour will also feature my old filmmaker friends, Papoose Moose and the Mad Romanian "Loose Shutter".  They'll be filming the journey for their documentary (which also contains footage from our March/April trip up the left coast.)

After some time off in August, another tour, even bigger and better, will kickoff in September and carry on to Thankgiving, but I'll tell you all about that later.  In the meantime, visit the TOUR page and find out when I'm cruising on fumes into your town.  I can't wait.

love and highway miles,